National Convention

Las Vegas

May 2-4, 2018



Beautiful weather and a beautiful view of the Las Vegas strip from the pool deck at the Welcome Reception at the NAFIC Convention.

 The Revivors, a talented music duo from Michigan kept everyone entertained.



Convention goers listened to a great line-up of speakers Kevin Simpson, Louie Caballero, and Rudy Pino of Western Fraternal share a laugh during the break.



 A large group of volunteers helped clean up Veterans Village, a residential facility for U.S. veterans who can't afford other types of housing.  The NAFIC convention is a great place for old friends and colleagues to get together and catch up.
Awards Gary Siniae Foundaiton
 Congratulations to all award winners at the NAFIC Convention!  General & Mrs. Rick Lynch accepted the $20,000 check for the Gary Sinise Foundation from NAFIC President Joy Collins.  Gary Sinise Foundation supports the needs of our military personnel, both in service and veterans. 
Food Pantry  Rick Kremel
 Volunteers unload the Food Pantry donations bought through the NAFIC Foundation for Veterans Village.  Rick Kremel of Catholic Financial Life was voted NAFIC President for 2018-2019.